My dreams

Someone asked me what my dreams are. I think my dreams usually have to do with exploring different fields and learning different things. I think of myself as a wanderer, and explorer, a traveller, an eternal student. A natural fall-out of learning is that as you acquire a certain level of proficiency in something, you begin teaching it to those who don’t know as much about the field as you do. So that’s where teaching comes in. I also don’t learn fancy and esoteric stuff. IĀ learn things which are easily and cheaply available near-by.

I would love to travel but I don’t want to travel mindlessly just to show-off to the world how much I have travelled. Trust me, there are a lot of peopleĀ  who do that. I want to travel with a purpose. That’s why i loved being in the US. I was a philosophy student ( and teaching assistant and instructor) there.

I dream of love. Love plays a far more significant role in my life than it does in other people’s lives. Sometimes I think everything I do is to attract people. (I think Foucault once said that his intellectual career was his way of attracting young, beautiful boys.I could totally relate to that. )

I dream of a better world but I have got hopeless, cynical and misanthropic as years go by. Still I try to do something which in unfortunately not much. At best I could be described as a low-level facebook activist. I have given up the project of trying to change people’s minds. I just communicate with people who are like me in fundamental ways. It is far easier. I have found it far easier to work with kids than to change adults. So I try to shape my students in a particular way as much as I can.